Cumbria Careers Day

A celebration of the amazing career opportunities in Cumbria

The aim of Cumbria Careers Day is to provide a focus for raising awareness of the vast array of career opportunities in Cumbria by celebrating every sector as part of National Careers Week.

Cumbria Careers day is a one day celebration of careers in Cumbria on Wednesday 6th March 2024 and there are lots of ways for schools, colleges, universities, employers and the third sector to get involved.  From Advanced Manufacturing, to Health and Social Care, Fashion, Food and Drink, Logistics, Construction, Law, Nuclear, Hospitality, Agriculture, Finance and everything else in between there is something for everyone in Cumbria.

Each year we will dedicate a day during National Careers week to celebrate Cumbria, enabling schools, colleges, universities and organisations of all sizes to join in.

Resources and activity ideas will be available on this page  soon – so take a look and plan how you will be celebrating Cumbria Careers Day.


Whether you are a small business with limited time and resources there are still ways in which you can get involved and shout about careers in your business or sector.

From as little as joining in our “Did you know?” social media campaign on the day to providing case studies of your employees to opening your doors to potential recruits the choice is yours.

Make the pledge today!

All you need to do is complete the pledge form below. By letting us know what you plan to do we will ensure you get the support you need to make your contribution as successful as possible.

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    All of our resources are free to use in your education setting and virtual learning. They have a specific focus on Cumbria which will help you achieve GBM2. The resources have been designed to support the delivery of Careers in your setting at different key stages.

    However you may wish to deliver your own Cumbria Careers Day activity and if so we would love to hear about it; whether that’s ahead of the day so that we can help promote what you are doing, or on the day through your social media.

    Any requests or great ideas? Get in touch.

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