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The aim of Cumbria Careers Day is to provide a focus for raising awareness of the vast array of career opportunities in Cumbria by celebrating every sector as part of National Careers Week.

Cumbria Careers Day is a one day celebration of careers in Cumbria on the 6th March 2024 and there are lots of ways for schools, colleges, universities, employers and the third sector to get involved. From Advanced Manufacturing, to Health and Social Care, Fashion, Food and Drink, Logistics, Construction, Law, Nuclear, Hospitality, Agriculture, Finance and everything else in between there is something for everyone in Cumbria.

Whether you are a small business with limited time and resources there are still ways in which you can get involved and shout about careers in your business or sector. From as little as joining in our Did you know? Social media campaign on the day to providing case studies of your employees to opening your doors to potential recruits the choice is yours.

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    Celebrating Careers in Cumbria on your social media channels

    We want all our young people, their parents and carers, Career Leaders and Teachers, job seekers and returners to the labour market to find out about the amazing career opportunities on the doorstep.

    With a shrinking working age population and skills shortages across almost every sector it’s time to celebrate the fabulous job opportunities out there. Whether you are wanting to engage with your talent pipeline through your local schools and colleges or looking to recruit for current vacancies – now is the time to get involved!

    There are lots of ways of doing this and to ensure everyone can get involved we are encouraging organisations to take part by doing as much as you can on the 6th March. We know that many of you are limited by time and capacity so hopefully joining in our social media campaign you can get involved without it impacting on your organisation.

    Join our “Did you know?” social media campaign!

    Our social media campaign is all about fact finding. Its aim is to challenge followers about what they know about your business and employment opportunities. So, we will be running a “did you know?” campaign as part of Cumbria Careers Day.

    We are asking as many businesses as possible to get involved by sharing some “did you know” facts about your business and these can range from facts about your business, your product and of course about the careers in your business.

    Examples of what that could look like include:

    • Did you know we are the largest exporter of…
    • Did you know we are the only supplier of….
    • Did you know our products have the royal seal of approval….
    • Did you know we use xxx amount of xxx to make our xxx
    • Did you know that our longest serving member of staff has been with us xx years – meet xx
    • Did you know we recruit xx apprentices as age 16/18
    • Did you know we offer the degree apprenticeship programme to students who complete a …
    • Did you know that 50% of our engineers are female?
    • Did you know that our [role] earn £xx.

    You can also use Cumbria Careers Day to showcase different members of your team using our case study templates [link] and share on social media.

    Please use #CumbriaCareersDay
    on your social media channels

    Employers & Organisations resources

    Join our social media campaign "Did You know?"
    Give an Assembly talk at your local secondary schoolDownload (.pdf, 369KB)
    Open your doors to enable your talent pipeline and their families to drop in informally and ask questions about career opportunities in your organisation (3.30pm-6pm)
    Create a written case study of employees in your business showing their career pathway and share on social media #CumbriaCareersDayDownload (.docx, 68KB)
    Create short video case studies of employees in your organisation, you can focus on what their job looks like or their career pathway
    Invite your local school (primary or secondary) for a tour of your organisation
    Sign up one of your employees (age 18-30) to join the Cumbria Talent Force
    Deliver a careers talk to your local primary/secondary school or collegeDownload (.pdf, 369KB)
    Talk to your local college about offering work experience to their T Level students
    Celebrate your Apprenticeship Programme by sharing case studies of your Apprentices on social media
    Run a competition with your local school or college focusing on careers

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