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Our ambition is to develop a world class programme of co-ordinated careers education in Cumbria – one which inspires and engages every young person and empowers them to make informed decisions as they take their next steps.

Employers are vital to the success of this ambition and play a significant role in supporting young people in schools and colleges. There are a range of ways for employers, and their employees, to get actively involved and make a real difference to a young person’s future.

Getting to know the Education Landscape – and the different ways to get involved – can benefit your business in many ways, helping you to get and grow the talent you need. Find out which opportunities are the best fit for your business, to connect you to your future workforce, and to upskill your current team.

If young people know more about the range of careers open to people with the right qualifications, they will have a clearer idea of the routes to better jobs.

– Sir John Holman, author of 'Good Career Guidance'

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