Enterprise Advisers

Stacey White

Why did you become an Enterprise Adviser?

“I wanted to become an Enterprise Adviser to help build my knowledge and skills set within the early Careers industry at BAE so that I have a wider understanding of how to support young people at the beginning of their career journey.”

Tell us about your chosen career or career pathway to your current role

“When I left school I had no idea what Career Path I wanted to take.

For the first 5/6 years after leaving school I worked for a number of different industries in the hope that it would give me enough experience and help me find a career that was of interest. During this time I really enjoyed Administration tasks, so I decided to enrol onto a Business Admin NVQ course at Furness College.

After completing the course I managed to secure a job within BAE Systems where I worked on the Site Redevelopment Programme & within the Quality Function as an Administrator for 4 years.

After my first 4 years working in BAE I wanted to further build my knowledge and skills set by venturing into other functions. After actively seeking a new role I managed to secure a job as a Senior Operations Engineer where I have worked for the past 4 years carrying out lots of different tasks where I gain knowledge about the whole business and also have dealings with both internal and external stakeholders

About 3 years ago I had some experience with the Early Careers and Workforce Planning teams in BAE. I loved it and was keen to learn more which led me to seek a mentor within Early Careers BAE. During the mentoring sessions I was given a detailed overview about Early Careers and also given guidance on how I can achieve a career within this area of the business.

Helping young people gain an understanding of the career opportunities that are available to them fills me with great pride and achievement.”

What careers advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

“Find out your strengths and what you enjoy.  Gain some work experience in different areas that are of an interest, this helps identify if it was truly what you thought it was. Whilst you are experiencing different industries learn your values and what is most important for you.  Always aim high and visualise yourself being the best you can.  Never follow friends, go with your heart not theirs.”

What do you like/love best about living and working in Cumbria?

“I have lived in Cumbria all my life. The people are warm and welcoming and you have the feel of acceptance wherever you are within the county.  There are a vast number of career opportunities available.

The Lake District is on your doorstep, such a beautiful part of the world that you take for granted and don’t realise how lucky you are to live/work here.”

Contact Details

Name:Stacey White
Job Title:Senior Operations Engineer
Organisation:BAE Systems
Sector:Advanced Manufacturing
Contact Email:Cosgrove1987@gmail.com
Key Skills:Project management, strategic thinker & planner, strong business networker and communication

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