Keswick School – Year 12 EXTEND Presentation Fair

9th Jun 2022
( 10.35
– 11.30 )

In Year 12 Keswick School students opt to study core maths or an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), both of which are formal qualifications. An EPQ  is worth half an A Level.

It is a rigorous qualification, essentially project management, where students are marked for planning, research, development and evaluation. They are required to complete a Production Log, written research report, (or artefact and accompanying research report), and an oral presentation.

Some students transfer to EXTEND, which means that although they have been taught all of the skills of EPQ, and completed a Production Log, they have opted not to submit their project to the exam board. They will instead gain school certification for their achievements. Part of this process is presenting this at an individual stall in the Queen’s Hall at a formal Presentation Fair.

Keswick School are therefore looking for sympathetic people who will go around and talk to a few of the students asking questions about their projects and the process. This will add to the formality and gravity of the day.

If you are able to spare an hour to support this project then please contact Mrs M Avery for more details.

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