Keswick School – Year 8 Enquiry Based Learning Presentation Event

7th Jul 2022
( 10.35
– 11.30 )

In Year 8 Keswick School some students complete an Enquiry Based Learning certification.

For their EBL certification, each student has chosen a project of their choice, and has independently researched their topic, written a report, interviewed at least one other person and created a Google Slides visual presentation. Another part of this project sees the students presenting orally about their project and they will be doing this on an individual stall in the Queen’s Hall.

Keswick School are therefore looking for sympathetic people who will go around and talk to a few of the students asking questions about their projects and the process. This will add to the formality and gravity of the day.

If you are able to spare an hour to support this project then please contact Mrs M Avery for more details.

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