Careermag for Inclusion is now live

2nd Mar 2022 | Category: Latest Support

This series of four Careermag for Inclusion publications are designed for employers who do not currently work with young people with SEND. It showcases case studies of success to inspire employers how it is being done to the benefit of young people and for the business. It also includes practical information and signposts to specialist resources highlighted organisations that are experienced at helping employers work with young people with SEND.

Designed to be engaging and positive, these publications will be a prompt for employers to see young people with SEND not just as a social responsibility, but as an exciting and valuable talent pool.

Who is this for?

Like the CEC we aim to make careers education as high impact as possible for young people with SEND and encourage employers to offer experiences of the workplace that can potentially lead to employment.
It will be sent directly to employers who can subscribe to receive regular editions.
It is also a valuable tool for anyone who works with young people with SEND as it can be sent to any employer they hope to engage in work experience opportunities.

Sharing Careermag for Inclusion
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