Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers

All subject staff should link curriculum with careers, even on courses that are not specifically occupation-led. For example, STEM subject staff should highlight the relevance of STEM subjects for a wide range of career paths.

  • Study programmes should also reflect the importance of maths and English as a key expectation from employers.
  • By the age of 14, every pupil should have had the opportunity to learn how the different STEM subjects help people to gain entry to, and be more effective workers within, a wide range of careers.
  • Throughout their programme of study (and by the end of their course) every student should have had the opportunity to experience how their subjects help people gain entry to (and be more effective workers within) a wide range of occupations.

Resources to help achieve this benchmark:

ResourceDescriptionLinks & Downloads
CEC Resource DirectoryCEC Gatsby Benchmark 4 overview and links to resourcesCEC Resources Directory
BM Brew RecordingWatch and listen to local practitioners discuss how they effectively embed careers across the curriculum.Watch
Leading the Way – Shaun Forrester, Career Leader at St John Henry Newman School Benchmark 4 - EnglishShaun shares how they have achieved 100% in Gatsby Benchmark 4 – English at St John Henry Newman Catholic SchoolDownload
Leading the Way – Steph Bateson, Career Leader at Netherhall School Benchmark 4 - EnglishSteph shares how they have achieved 100% in Gatsby Benchmark 4 – English at Netherhall SchoolDownload
CEC Benchmark 4 Audit ToolThis tool is designed to be completed by a Careers Leader with support (as appropriate) from Enterprise Co-ordinator, Enterprise Adviser and/or Careers Link Governor.Download
BM4 Modelling ToolThis guide has been designed to support Careers Leaders to support staff to link curriculum learning to careers. Support for Careers Leaders to develop curriculum learning that highlights the relevance of subjects to future careers and opportunities will inform, inspire, and engage students.Download
Benchmark 4 "Quick Wins"Suggestions and shared ideas of how to achieve Benchmark 4Download
My Learning, My FutureMy Learning, My Future is a suite of Benchmark 4 resources to support subject teaching staff, from over 20 subjects at KS3 & 4, to engage students in curriculum learning by highlighting the relevance of their subjects to future careers and opportunities. The aim of the resources is for students to see the relevance and value of subject curriculum teaching and learning and to be explicitly supported in making connections between subjects and pathways to positive transitions.Download
Subject Careers PostersJust click on the poster you want to download or print out. Choose "Shrink oversized pages" before you print to A4.Download
Careers in the CurriculumThis paper reviews the research on careers in the curriculum. Its findings will identify areas in the research that need to be addressed, not only to develop schools’ understanding of what works, but also to improve policy making in this area.Careers in the Curriculum: What Works
Benchmark 4 Resources for Subject AreasThis document includes links to various resources subject teachers can access to help achieve BM4Download
Geography - Conservation CareersA guide to the 15 key conversation job types, enabling you to see the key roles in the sector.Download
Health & Social Care - NHS Allied Professionals Resources This pack is to support careers advisers and careers leaders to give guidance to young people considering pursuing a career in the health and care sector. Download
History - Historical AssociationHigh-quality resources and expert support for secondary history teachers.Download
IT - Careers in Cyber SecurityInformation and lesson resources about careers in cyber security – Linking to the IT curriculum. Download
PSHE - Budding Futures: Tackling Gender Stereotypes (D & I)20-minute interactive video with accompanying teacher guide and learning activities aimed at children aged 5-8, children consider what a florist or a builder might look like before meeting Jonathan the celebrity florist and Kimberley in construction.Download
PSHE - Challenging Stereotypes (Suitable for KS3 lessons)Use this resource to support the challenging of stereotypes at key stage 3 level. All supporting lesson resources are included for free.Challenging stereotypes lesson | CEC Resource Directory
PSHE - Preparing for Adulthood National Development Team for Inclusion (D & I)A study booklet, helping Young People prepare for their next best steps.Download
STEM - Careers, Apprenticeships and Training in the Electrical sector A suite of videos highlighting the importance of maths in this sector, also some activities, case studies and routes into the sector – Link to Maths curriculum.Download
STEM - Institute of MathematicsHow is GCSE maths used in everyday life? Here are 10 examples of where people use percentages in everyday life…Download
Uniformed Public Service - Careers in the ArmyEngaging resources and workshops to promote careers in the Army – there is also the option of booking school visits and free work experience- Link to PE and PSHE curriculum. Download

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